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Testimony: Mei

Argentinian, Eurithmia dancer

Roots in the Heart

My arrival at the women's loom meant in my life an ordering of my priorities and a total change in the place I gave myself within myself. Working with other women, sharing dreams and sharing life for the betterment of humanity was a gift to my existence. I learned to give without expecting anything in return and to receive, feeling worthy of the love of other human beings.


This was and will continue to be a wonderful part of my life' s journey. At one point along this road things started to get stuck and it was not so easy to keep our dreams alive with the drive and lightness with which they came. At that moment a sister of my life who was also involved in the looms began to perceive the finiteness of this system and its materialistic aspect, because although it was carried out with commitment and the best of intentions, the exchange of money could not be guaranteed and the emotions began to dye with what dyes our current economic system, exitism and economic growth vs. frustration and devaluation of the other. Seeing my soul sister in that state of fear, it was essential to go out in search of an answer. I was certain that, despite its materialistic aspect, all the love that was exchanged on the looms was no lesser. The concern for the other and the alignment of purposes is a part of the new paradigm in human bonds.


In that world of thoughts, I communicated with Felipe, whom I only knew from his blog posts, which resonated in my heart as hope for a new society. Felipe set up for us, at that time we were all older sisters, the first loom workshop leading us to an understanding of the processes and their causes and effects, of the reality of today's economies and of the true meaning of abundance.


His guidance was not persuasive or invasive but loving and trusting. Towards the end of the workshop we were able to connect with our true need from the heart, without judgment, accepting and loving each other. Each one decided to follow a path and from that process a new way of weaving without money emerged that we still continue to carry on today. A weaving from the heart, unconditional and powerful. Other sisters decided to continue weaving as always and that was accepted, each one from her heart went on her way. Then we set up a workshop for the women who were weaving in our mandalas and who were stuck or too slow.


Today I can say that the work done with felipe gave us calm and confidence in the wonderfulness of existence. Women who continue to weave with money are prioritizing their internal processes and with a great clarity of what true abundance means. Other mandalas who decided to stop using money to weave are experiencing the selfless interest in each other and the power they have to carry in a rhythmic cradle a sister in their heart.

It is my deepest wish that the loom workshops grow and multiply, I believe that as women the loom has been a powerful tool and we should not be afraid to transform it if necessary.

To experience, to grow, to make it one's own and to create the new for a new humanity.


With love and gratitude to my brother Felipe.

M. K.

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