My name is Felipe Mardones, PhD Economist University of Chicago. The purpose of this website is to share reflections about an Economy of a new story where the distinctions of known and unknown crumble and we accompany the birth of a new narrative. This space is the English translation of the original site.  


About Economia Sagrada

Economia Sagrada is a vision and I am in service to that vision.  It does not belong to me.  It has often happened that people request me to summarize the Economia Sagrada vision in terms of the current cultural context: quickly and efficiently, perhaps in a few sentences. This is simply not possible! It is sustained by a different underlying story, therefore we need to deconstruct the cultural context first.  

I respectfully ask that you trust me, and I'll do my best to share a different story. 
I invite you to take some time off to read the blog posts and browse through the different stuff in the website. Please visit with an open mind and allow me to hopefully lead you to unexpected reflections. I invite you to engage in these stories with your heart. 
I write based on my experience, my whole being and the feelings of my deepest self. What I write is at the same time immensely influenced by the wonderful work of Charles Eisenstein , who gave life, and gave words, to a vision that is not easy to express.

You will find in these posts things exactly said as Charles Eisenstein has said them before, and new stories, distinctive points of view and different insights that are my personal contributions. All of them I feel true to my heart. 

The original blog in Spanish www.economiasagrada.com was born also with the purpose of helping these ideas and this vision to reach Latin America and all Spanish speakers.


Testimony of an economist

I call it Testimony of An Economist to honor where the journey started. That’s the name of an essay I tried to write for many years. It was never ready. It was quite foolish, judgmental, desperate. I knew I had something important to say, a call of my soul, so I insisted with passion. I remember trying to publish it once in an online journal. Not only was it rejected, but also the editors tried to change what I was trying to say. I felt so misunderstood and alone. As if what I wanted to say was not allowed. As if there was something wrong in me. Here it goes...

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Holistic Economics in TAOS, NM
June 20th, 2019

A talk about the ilussion of separateness in our economy.

(SOMOS bookstore)

Introduction to Holistic Economics 11/13/2018

I was invited by my friend Sergio García to talk about holistic economics in the context of a sustainability class with engineering students from Aguascalientes, Mexico. (I forgot to start recording from the beginning but I hope you will find it interesting nonetheless)


A Community


Economia Sagrada is really the economics of oneness. This vision becomes alive with your participation and support (see the history!). In fact the only vision of economia sagrada that is real is the one you discover inside yourself with your own heart. I do my best to accompany this process in a positive way.
Thanks for all the support to realize this dream, to be able to express the passion of my soul!!
Thanks for engaging and participating!! My work becomes alive when I meet your own search, your passion, your dream. Let us meet.



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