To define Economia Sagrada

I first need your attention...

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The financial crisis, the environmental crisis, and the crisis of the human soul are all part of one big crisis...

...The crisis of separation

Our civilization is a reality of the consequences born from the trauma of separation.

A separated culture

that determines our way of reasoning and how we conceive our very being. 

A separated heart

that is divided into good and bad, thus constantly in need of improvement.

A separated humanity

where we the good people are always at war against the bad people

A separated economy

  • If you and me are separate, then more for you is less for me.

  • Surrounded by "otherness", the separate being does whatever it takes to survive.

  • Traumatized by the loss of Oneness, whatever I have today is never enough to feel safe.

  • Our economic institutions reflect this mentality. 

                    (read "Understanding Money", where it all starts, or keep scrolling down)

But really, there is no - one to blame.

So, now that I have your attention...

Economia Sagrada is the economics of oneness

A different perspective

we cannot change our situation using the same tools that created it


The universe woven in oneness beyond any intellectual understanding.

Our home

A sacred economy fosters the presence of the unique and connected.


Conceive the inconceivable

Destruction of nature stops now

As the obsession for control fades away

A loving dance of

abundance & sufficiency

As our culture moves beyond separated logic

An economics that is sacred

As that which hurt, becomes a gift

Are you yearning for abundance?

Conditioned by our history of lacking and hunger, wounded by a culturally induced reality of painful scarcity, unease at the possibilities available to extract money we yearn for the promise of abundance that new age spirituality talks about…

But, what is abundance? Is money good or bad? Is life a gift?

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