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I invite you to support this vision and my work.

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I invite you to support this vision and my work with money donations. Of course there are many ways to support and all can be powerful. We do ask for money support nonetheless! One day there will be The Divine ATM Machine, seriously. But for the time being thanks for the support you feel to offer.


Like I said in the Coming of Age post, “Within the conventional paradigm of patriarchy, it is assumed that if the work one does is valuable, then one can appropriate it into something saleable. Design a product or service that can be traded.” But the work of economía sagrada does not fit in into that story. Economia Sagrada and my work are meant to accompany the birth of a different story. Needless to say, I do not invite people to Economía Sagrada workshops to teach them how to make more money, but to foster a sincere relationship with it. There is no way in which I could “charge” like you normally do in everyday life.


So I say openly and with integrity that I do want money support for my work. Beautiful money institution of this beautiful and painful moment in the history of humanity.


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