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Testimony: Cesar 

Spanish, Scuba instructor

My name is Cesar Jimenez, I met Felipe through my sister Laura, (teacher of one of Felipe's two sons). About three months ago my sister told me that Felipe would give an introductory talk about the concept of Economia Sagrada, and I was encouraged to go both because of the curious nature of the name, Economia Sagrada, and because Felipe was the one providing it. I have not had the opportunity to go deeper into the concepts that were discussed in the talk, nor have I had the opportunity to discuss them with anyone who shared the experience, because I left shortly after, but I do remember that it was a very pleasant and revealing colloquium in many aspects. 


I remember that as a result of that talk, some of the pieces in my head moved over time to fit together, and others were suspended while waiting for their new and more suitable place. Two ideas resonated with me in particular: one was that of the "call of the soul", and the other was that of "money as a mere tool of exchange". 


With regard to the first one, I feel that what we talked about helped me to make decisions after the event that would bring me closer to those things that I love, and so I have managed to make my passion a way of making a living. This not only makes me happy and fulfilled myself, but I have also managed to make this activity a potential tool to contribute to improving the world in which we live by raising awareness and educating the people I work with. 


Regarding the issue of money, I still have a lot of questions about the role of money in society and how to deal with it, but it helped me a lot to put it in its place as one more exchange tool, along with many others. In this way, for example, in the case of my work, when I think about money, or that there are options to be able to earn more money doing other things, I quickly reflect and realize that for me other aspects have the same or more value, such as doing what one loves, being able to contribute to improving a little in the context in which we live, and being able to promote love and care for nature, etc....


I feel very happy and grateful for having attended the talk on Sacred Economy with Felipe, and I think it is super valuable to be in contact with people with training and life experiences so important and special that they also want to transmit their knowledge in order to improve a little bit the world in which we live, and help people to live with a little more harmony.

Comment: Actually I usually say that money is NOT just a mere tool of exchange. It is very interesting how different truths nourish us at different times. Thank you César for your sincerity!


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