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Testimony: Adriana

Mexican, Teacher

The call of the soul came to me when I met Dr. Felipe in an economía sagrada workshop. Why sacred I asked myself, can there be a sacred economy? There were so many doubts and curiosity that I decided to attend, and I came across several reflections inside of me about the work with spirituality.

Work which leads us to a reunion with the deepest structures of the human being and which we share with humanity as beings of light, cosmic beings with the capacity to transcend and be in connection with the universe in which they are concatenated with the holons of development. We are made up of different holons but there is a higher holon which is the Kosmic holon as Ken Wilber calls it.

So where does humanity go in this world of various contradictions and antagonistic judgments? What function does the brain have, how does it process information? The answers we give, are elaborated from the information that the unconscious has accumulated overtime, or are overly reasoned.

As we relate to others we build community. Where is the rupture in the Nahual or tonal, the feminine and masculine part that underlies every human being. The rational, the strength. And the love, the values, the subtlety. And the cold of the moon and the warmth of the sun.

In this dynamic knowing about economía sagrada changed me, touched the most sensitive fibers of my heart and took me to a new horizon that I had not explored and that has been wonderful. To see beyond what our senses grasp with the naked eye, to be able to connect with nature and with life itself. Thanks to Dr. Felipe has been a wonderful experience and I continue on this path towards spirituality in which we first harmonize within and then in connection with all the sentient beings of the planet and the cosmos, to move from an egocentric to a cosmos-centric vision...

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