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Loom Integration Workshop

This workshop is intended for groups who feel the need to be accompanied in their collective and individual process, be it looms, flowers of abundance or fractals.

Rooted in the vision of sacred economics (see post About the Flower of Abundance for my view on these schemes), I facilitate a comprehensive, intimate treatment of the circumstances in which the group of participating people is situated. 

The aspirations, dilemmas and economic crossroads are not separate but intensely linked to our hearts, emotions, dreams, traumas or pains, and the talents and gifts of every human being. That is why the main goal of the workshop is integration. Integration of the experience. Integration of all it means for a human being.



  1. Confidentiality.

  2. The human being is completely wonderful and does not need to improve him/herself. Nobody has done anything wrong.

  3. Life is completely wonderful and we don't need to improve it.

  4. Therefore, whatever experience the group has had so far, it is completely wonderful and does not need to be improved. That is, to look lovingly, without judgment. (It does not exclude the fact that decisions may eventually be taken to resolve crossroads).

  5. The conclusions of the workshop process emerge from the participants (each human being has his or her own divine center, his or her own inner guidance). The task of the workshop facilitator is not to find conclusions or make decisions, but to accompany and facilitate so that those conclusions or decisions may emerge from each person, and collectively.



The process consists of 3 fundamental parts:

  1. Integration of the lived experience

  2. Diagnosis of the current state

  3. Conclusions


This workshop can be done in person or online.  In the online version of this workshop we use Whatsapp and Zoom conferences as a methodology. The online workshop lasts about one week. The face-to-face workshop takes two days.


An Invitation

This is a radical invitation at oneness. Who is ready to let go of their expectations? Who is ready to let judgments and control fade away? For those who dream with passion of a change of paradigm, in this workshop we enjoy the fact that there is already a huge amount of heart-energy put into one place. It’s just a matter of allowing its movement to unexpected places.


This Workshop methodology, while designed for 'Looms' of Abundance, is open to any economic dilemma faced by a human group.


If you are interested in learning more about if this type of workshop fits for your group, please don't hesitate to contact me


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