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Workshop in Economia Sagrada

These are the main axes that are woven into the Economia Sagrada Workshop:

  1. Let's be realistic. Let's do the impossible.

  2. The External Economy as a reflection of the Internal Economy.

  3. Expansion of the Separate Being into the Interbeing.

  4. Accept everything as it is so that it can change.

The reasons that motivate me to share this workshop are very simple things that we all want. From the global (macroeconomics), to the immediate: our personal life (microeconomics).


On a global level. We want to stop the destruction of nature in its countless manifestations. Rather, we want to restore what has already been damaged. We want to alleviate the extreme misery that many millions of human beings suffer. We want to change the current course of our civilization where these crises continue to worsen rather than ameliorate. We want to reverse the progressive transformation of the beauty of life into ugliness, which is inevitably associated with economic development.


In our personal lives. We wish, also, to have a harmonious, common life, in abundance, just as it is. We want to share it with our family and those around us. We want freedom. We want our own house. We do NOT want to live to work, nor do we want to work to live: We want to be in love with our occupation or work, and not be slaves. We want to dress our children, cultivate their dreams and ours. We want to enjoy, eat well, walk, have holidays, invite friends, lose track of time in moments of silence by the sea....


All these things that we want are in apparent conflict with the current economic system, anywhere in the world. The phrase "Let's be realistic" is key because in the Workshop we crumble the deep origin of our civilization crisis or collapse that we are feeling. A deep origin that is of a cultural-neuronal nature. It is that implicit narrative of SEPARATION, which is even biological in our neurons, that makes us see LIFE in a particular way without being aware of it. "Let's be realistic" is also to realize that the alternatives proposed from the same narrative of Separation do not constitute a solution: You cannot dismantle the masters' house using the masters' tools.


"Let's do the impossible" has to do with awakening the deepest passion of our soul, which for centuries has been locked in the cage of the "possible". Passion that is released when we are deeply realistic.


"The External Economy is a reflection of the Internal Economy." For example, if I adopt a scarcity mentality that is the reality that I generate around me. This is recognizing that external changes go through internal changes. In other words, that the healing of our economy is not a matter of improving the engineering design of our economic relations, but is intimately linked to the healing of our entire Being. Just as our economy is separated, our being is also illusively separated. Unlocking the boundaries that separate us is a fundamental part of the Workshop: "Expansion of the Separated Being into the Interbeing".


"Accept everything as it is so that it can change." We would like something of great magnitude in the world to change, for the good of life all over the world and also for our own well-being. However, the radical changes we dream of are not governed by our will or our intentions. The only way for something to change profoundly is to accept it, is to free it from the expectation that it will change. A beautiful paradox. This is a work of acceptance that we do individually and collectively during the Workshop. Basically, we become close friends with the system as it is, so that it can change without demanding that it change. It's like befriending someone drastically different from yourself. It is to become friends, in reality, with a part of oneself that one rejects.



The workshop lasts two full days. This allows us to forget our worries and routine rhythms, to enter into a different rhythm and a collective dynamic that favors the opening of spaces of the Being in order to explore the unknown terrain of the Sacred Economy.


The main message of this workshop is woven beyond the rational mind, it is not just a matter of delivering knowledge. In order for something valuable to happen, we need to enter it with an open heart, so that all of us are willing to unlearn so that true learning can take place. That is why we need to cultivate trust, intimacy, vulnerability, and vibration among all of us. We work this through prayer that integrates us as an essential part of the universe, connected; and through meditation exercises and body dynamics where we discover sacred economics within ourselves, individually and collectively.

In this way, no two workshops are alike. In giving space to the unknown, something genuinely new always emerges, depending on what we cultivate together.

First, we developed a simple and true description of the current economic system, which we call the Economy of Separation. Clearly, the Age of Separation is a painful stage in the history of humanity that is coming to an end.

Secondly, we cultivate an essential understanding of the Economics of Reunion. The emphasis is on those aspects relevant to our daily lives as we move from the Age of Separation to the Age of Reunion. Fundamentally, we will align the logic of the mind with the truth that has always been in the heart.


Content Roadmap

  • In the beginning there was the gift.

  • Essential economics. Money and sacredness.

  • The cultural-neuronal narrative of the Separation. The conception of the Separated Self. Separate Rationality (feminine v/s masculine intelligence).

  • Cultivate a Narrative of the Inter-being. Revaluing the small. Slowly: there's a rush.

  • External Economics: The problem with property.

  • Economic growth and depletion of our commons (natural, social, cultural and spiritual heritage)

  • Money as debt and the logic of economic growth

  • Collapse of civilization

  • Internal Economy: the obsession with "efficiency". The need of Impacts to be measurable and large.

  • The obsession with security.

  • The programming of scarcity v/s the abundance of life.

  • Generosity generates. The generosity of Giving; the generosity of Receiving.

  • The economic contingencies that displease us. For example: the car decomposes unexpectedly; the mate doubles in price.

  • Economics and gender: masculine financial mathematics v/s feminine financial mathematics

  • Lacking as addiction. Sufficiency as an inner attitude.

  • The Marriage of Sufficiency and Abundance.

  • Discover abundance within scarcity.

  • The Economics of the Gift.

  • Money in these times of crisis.

  • Sacred investment.

  • Proper sustenance and work.

  • To live the indignation. Then go beyond indignation.

  • To stand on the frontier of one's own courage.

  • Cheap is expensive: Do we need more Control?

  • The impossibility of completely avoiding participation in the destruction: What is the most beautiful thing I can do?

  • The obsession to improve the external / the internal.

  • Nourish the unique, special, mysterious gift that each one of those present has to give to life.

  • The Most Beautiful World Our Heart Knows Is Possible.


An Invitation

This is, in fact, an invitation to a collective experience of transformation, of expansion of the Self, directed especially to those who are willing to give their highest Gift for the creation of a beautiful world.

If you are interested in organizing an Economia Sagrada Workshop where you live, I'm very happy to be invited.


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