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4 de sep. de 2018

You May Say I'm a Dreamer...

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Editada: 11 de dic. de 2018

Can you believe in a culture that fully matches the spirit of the gift?

It is a real dream. And yes, it is VERY hard to believe.


If you believe it too easy perhaps we are not talking about the same thing. (Or you're a real dreamer and I offer you my respect).



I am actually looking for an image or picture of a truthfully beautiful ATM machine that allows me to envision the DIVINE ATM MACHINE of a life that fully embodies the gift. Would you help me find it or produce it please?


Yes, in this ATM machine you go and get as much cash as you want anytime you want it, for free. Don't worry, I am an economist, I know very well the kind of reasons, within our culture, why this cannot possibly work. I dream responsibly believe it or not.

These two essays will help motivate the discussion: Towards a Gift Culture I and II.

I welcome your views!