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Dawn Payne
11 oct 2018
In Emotions and Economics
I am enough I do enough I give enough I have enough I am enough. You are enough You do enough You give enough You have enough You are enough In this time where we have the politics of fear and hate everywhere in our media and, in some cases, our communities, how do we feed the truth that we are enough? I watched in utter disbelief when the current president of my country was elected. How could so many of my countrywomen and countrymen, support someone who behaved such as him? How could they say it was 'just boys being boys' when he talked about women in such a vulgar and belittling manner? Just recently how could our senators support someone for a lifetime appointment to a position where neutrality is key? I think these things and ask these questions and then in my quiet moments am reminded, I am enough and you are enough. So if this is true about me and you, isn't it also true about the President of the United States and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States Brett Kavanaugh? Yes it is. I may not agree with their political positions nor do I approve of a lifetime appointment for anything but I do agree they are exactly who they are supposed to be. So how do I feed the belief of enough and not the fear or hate? I have been pondering the topic of sacred economics since my family visited us in Montana this past summer. Felipe was gracious enough to do a sacred economics workshop at our place on Flathead Lake. It was a beautiful time where we where we were all cared for and cared for each other. We had food, clothing, shelter, laughter and a few tears here and there. It is moments like those with my family which remind me hope is as free as fear and when things seem darkest it is only because the light is about to shine again. There is so much more on my heart regarding living a faith based life instead of a fear based life but alas my time to type has come to an end for now. Gratefully, Dawn Payne P.S. I am committed to not editing anything I share here so please forgive typos and such or as Felipe so graciously said, no judgement.

Dawn Payne

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