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Siemens Software PLC Simatic WinAC RTX 4.5. karneom


Siemens Software PLC Simatic WinAC RTX 4.5.

Using WinAC RTX with WinAC. WinAC RTX is a programmable "soft logic" controller - a software version of an S7 controller. (WinAC RTX) The new WinLC RTX (Software PLC) is included. can be managed via WinAC RTX on any compatible. . "The default behavior of Windows is to process commands from the. . . The IntervalZero RTX (I). . . . . Table.. Overview. . 2.2.1. WinAC RTX. The DIN, BIN, ASCII and Labels are available via. . . In the following the I/O from the WinAC RTX software controller. Q: How can I create a child class and have a parent class define the constructor I'm trying to create a child class that would be able to receive a parameter that its parent class would construct, so that the parent class constructor wouldn't be necessary. Here is a schematic of what I'm doing: class Main(): def __init__(self, a): # Do something class Child(): def __init__(self): Main.__init__(self, "Hello") class Child2(): def __init__(self): Main.__init__(self, "World") Main() Child() Child2() The child class' constructor would use the parameter from Main.__init__, like so: class Child(): def __init__(self, a): Main.__init__(self, a) Now when I run this, it gives me the error: TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) So I think my idea is to have the __init__ in the Main class take care of creating the Child class, and then passing a parameter to that constructor. But then I wouldn't have the parent class constructor anymore. Any ideas? A: Actually, the __init__

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Siemens Software PLC Simatic WinAC RTX 4.5. karneom

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