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The beginnings

Actualizado: 14 dic 2018

As I am writing this piece, the new website is almost ready. So I want to say something about how much I have been supported from the very beginnings.

It is hard to establish when Economia Sagrada started, because in a way it was always part of me even as a child. There was definitely an intense journey that started when I graduated from Chicago, knowing I had something to share and not knowing how to.

A journey that collapsed into a major personal crisis in the year 2014.

A few very interesting things happened that year. At a certain point through the crisis, in a single moment, I made two strong decisions. The kind of decision you make with the complete certainty of your soul. The first one was that me and my family (my son was two years old back then) we would have a car, no matter what. Even though we did not have the money nor a salary to pay for it. The second decision was that I was going to dedicate myself to share this vision of sacred economics. In the moment I actually said I will become a “sacred economist”, but that sounds kind of weird. Anyways.

By the end of that year, we bought a car that we called Centella and I shared my first Workshop in Economia Sagrada.
At The First Workshop in Economia Sagrada

I must mention my dear friend Kike Ibarra who really encouraged me to do the first Workshop and even came down from far away to attend it. Even though I had declared with my soul I wanted to do just this, I was extremely scared and for sure I wouldn’t have done it without Kike’s friendly support.

I did the second workshop in February 2015, and I believe another one in May and then I retreated in my doubts and search for several months. At some point in November of 2015 I was so desperate in anguish that I reached for my auntie Jeannie Kerrigan. I simply asked her to pray for me.

Two days later, I woke up and wrote down the Introduction to Economia Sagrada essay in Spanish in a matter of hours, feeling completely inspired, spontaneous, truthful and passionate.

An essay that became a cornerstone and has traveled the web extensively.

By the end of the year I knew I had to go back to my place of origin, Chile to share this vision while allowing it to be nurtured and moved by my homeland. We had a very special workshop, and 3 very enriching encounters: with a social barrio organization, with a mapuche indigenous organization, and also with a group of young entrepreneurs. From the workshop experience, the following video presentation was gifted by Mauro Pezzopane in support of my work :

A couple of weeks before that, in December 2015, the brilliant entrepreneur (and my cousin) Jose Antonio Berrios set up for me the old blog (here). It was actually his idea! He even paid for the domain, something I realized later on. Again, another example of how much I have been supported from the beginning and all the time. I could never do it alone. (Isn’t that something: a young successful entrepreneur supporting economia sagrada?)

The journey continued with ups and downs for two more years. By that I mean on one hand enjoying it with passion, and on another hand oppressed by doubts, self-judgment and fear, really the best teachers and friends I've had. During some periods sharing the workshops intensively in different places of Mexico, Guatemala, USA and Argentina. And some other times searching, uncovering and simply living the vision from the inside out. Really the Economia Sagrada journey has involved every piece of my own healing and search, and will continue to do so. How could it be any other way.

Until the time for the Coming of Age arrived.
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