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Economia sagrada's Coming of Age

Actualizado: 12 dic 2018

On a day like today I feel intensely frightened, like a child who is becoming an adult. This site was born as a blog (old site here) in December 2015. It's time to become an adult, and move on to a complete and well-designed website. I'm inviting you to support this. Becoming a website has the deepest and most emblematic meaning. To become a website is to acknowledge this work as part of the mysterious and wonderful web of life.

In the conventional paradigm of patriarchy, becoming an adult is linked to becoming independent. It means to conform to the norms of society, it means to submit to the establishment, it means to adapt to "reality" (a "reality" which is cultural!). It means accepting that the Boa in The Little Prince was just the drawing of a hat.

In a new paradigm of oneness and trust in life, becoming an adult means breaking free from the provisional shell of protection that the train of conventional life used to offer, when it no longer does.

It means to fully receive the support that the sacred movement of life offers you when you dedicate yourself to something you love with your whole being. It means to let go of the illusion of independence, the effort for personal merit, and to rest on the support of knowing you are one with all. It means choosing freedom. It means remembering the eyes of the purest human soul, those of a child, who never forgot that the drawing is a Boa that swallowed an Elephant.

At least this is what I choose to live for. Do you know why? Because, being myself an economist from the gut down to my heart and intellect, I took what is happening on the planet seriously and came to the conclusion that there is no alternative. That's right, deciding to trust life is not a matter of romanticism, it's not a matter of courage or heroic mysticism. In fact, on a day like today I feel intensely afraid. Beautiful fear! There's nothing else but to trust in life, there's just nothing else. That is the beauty of the urgency we face.

On a day like today, I am reaching out to everyone who reads me, listens to me, has been in my workshops or talks, who somehow knows or intuits that I am at the service of this vision of sacred economics, to ask you to support us with money to take this step. I appeal to those who feel called to support this vision.

Our goal is to raise US$2,100 (until December 6th, 2017) for the company Mighty Nonprofits to design and rebuild the economía sagrada website. This is not about numbers, it's about exercising the support of life. That is why your contribution is meaningful, emblematic, sacred with all the property of the word. It is a seed of the new world that we dream, that we can co-create.

Within the conventional paradigm of patriarchy, it is assumed that if the work one does is valuable, then one can appropriate it into something saleable. Design a product or service that can be traded. It is supposed that if one wants to help someone to get ahead in life, one should encourage this person to earn a living, to become self-sustaining by adapting to the markets. But the one who really knows our economic system deeply understands that this is an illusion, the same that every day that passes is crumbling for more and more people (see Understanding money - story of a village and Introduction to economia sagrada).

How is the economy of sacredness, the economy of trust? Unconditional. Radically different from what we imagine possible. How is it discovered, how is it built? It is discovered by deconstructing our cultural beliefs unconsciously rooted in our neuronal habits.

I am at the service of accompanying the birth of a new economy.

The only possible economy (which is impossible within the current cultural constructs) is the economy of trust, the economy of oneness.

For me to offer what I have to share, I simply cannot charge, I cannot demand a given quantity in return. I can't, but really I don't want to, with all my being. I work in the gift economy, I offer my work as a gift and receive gifts in return (see Towards the culture of gift I and II). In addition, a large part of the people who come to my workshops are people who are legitimately distressed by the scarcity of money, and who long for a world of freedom. To them I want to serve.

A new website is a coming of age for sacred economics

It means a quantum declaration of oneness, of being supported by life without any need of personal merit. Personally, it means a sincere declaration of unconditional service, aligned with the vision itself of sacred economics. How could it be any other way?

Your gift towards this initiative is firstly meaningful in a sacred way, because it is a step towards an economy of oneness. From now on, all of our work, essays, talks, workshops will carry these seeds of unconditional oneness, so that from the inside out, little by little, we can all construct an economy where we simply gift each other our best, in freedom. Out there, there is a lot of anguish, misery, hunger, stress, surviving trauma, destruction of beauty, lack of freedom, proliferation of ugliness, all the way to the point where the continuity of life on this planet is threatened. For all these situations, the vision of sacred economics takes responsibility, with compassion and true hope.

Your gift will give me the strength (yes, this too), to continue offering my work as a gift, knowing that one way or the other life will support me and my family. Yes, I do need, I do want, I do ask to receive support. Sacred economics workshops cannot be plentifully shared under the condition that attendees need to fulfill a given payment back for the gift they receive.

In addition, your gift is helpful in carrying this vision towards the Spanish speaking people in Latin America and elsewhere (where most people cannot access the work of Charles Eisenstein).

Of course it is an immense honor for me to receive your monetary gifts in these terms. I will receive them as a treasure of seeds of hope. I thank you from the depths of my soul on behalf of my family and our most true dreams for all life.

Can you imagine the new website? Can you imagine the consequences, the seeds of something new being born? In this campaign, we set up the beginning.

To donate, please follow this link:

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