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Earthquakes in Mexico

Actualizado: 24 sept 2018

Two emotional testimonies of the earthquake in Mexico City. The hardware store (link) that donated their inventory and the people spontaneously donating money back! And the story of reunion, of Flavio's example of humanity (link). Generosity, material and human, that inspires us, that reminds us how we humans really are.

The young Millenials, called "apathetic", "valemadristas", "disinterested in others", gave themselves entirely: "ready to do whatever it took; to direct traffic, to collect, to clean and, of course, to rescue other Mexicans from the rubble". Their apathy, evidently, is not a lack of vitality, it is not a lack of will to live. The apathy of these young people is rather the natural response to a conventional world, to an establishment that does not awaken any passion, to a life that has already been laid out that the rebellious human soul knows well that it does not involve them, that leaves them hungry for the real.

When a real opportunity emerges to be human, these young people demonstrate that they are fully alive, full of humanity. That they devote themselves to a task entirely body, soul, heart when it has to do with what the human soul adores: life and the beauty of life. That which unites us as humans, which we know we all have, and which is devastatingly absent from the conventional life project. I suspect (I am sure) that when things get back to "normal", the conventional train will start up again and it will seem again that it is the only way to function, to live in this world. Without a doubt and with all legitimacy, the apathy of these young people will return at that moment. With one difference: they knew the experience of fullness, of surrendering to something entirely. They'll want to find it again.

The earthquake, the earthquakes, they have shaken us all. They have also shaken the establishment.

But let's be honest: the buildings that fell are not the most modern, they are not the ones with the latest technology.

The control program, the illusion of dominating the forces of nature through our logical intelligence and technological advances is as hard as cement, it is as inert as the inertia of the establishment is stubborn.

The deepest earthquake of all (which I am sure each one of us has been feeling) has done more subtle structural damage.

It is true, it is not undermining modernity or power in its illusion of security. It is awakening the hunger for fullness, for generosity, for living life knowing that in what one does one gives oneself entirely.... Where is this opportunity to live like this? It' s not in the establishment. It is not in convincing the "valemadristas" that they have to become "better people" and adapt to the system, bow their heads, submit... It is rather in realizing that there is nothing more legitimate than their apathy. Blessed and welcome apathy, I am sure it is fertile ground, as is every expression of freedom and sincerity.

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