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Closing campaign

Actualizado: 12 dic 2018

The campaign is now closed. GRACIAS. Know that your gifts of support for this vision and my work are always welcome, I receive them with both hands, responsibly. The gofundme link will continue to function, and when we launch the new page you will find new ways to support.  

We certainly exceeded the goal. We have gathered $2,489 so far and I think other donations will come in yet. But what we've GATHERED, what we have REUNITED, is far more valuable than money or dimensions. Seeds of deep generosity were sown here that will replicate many times. Generosity that GENERATES. We reunited, we gathered a dream, I dare say, that many of us dream but that dreaming it alone deeply hurts because it is impossible. (Impossible for the cultural paradigm of the possible). To dream it together is something else.

I share with you that all this energy of the heart GATHERED is a very strong energy, it has stirred me a lot... It remains to observe how it will continue to move. How interesting! and how curious I am!

Among several other things, I realized that in a hidden, valuable, kind part of me, I did not believe that it was possible for every human being to have abundance in their lives... I am talking about the people, the majority of people in reality, who live in anguish, pressured by scarcity; the people, too, who are downright suffering from misery. I kept that deep pain, that impotence that it was not possible to dream of freedom for all... that now I feel releasing from myself.  

The abundance that decides the heart is not the same as conventional abundance. An idea of our reductionist culture of reality, conventional abundance is the measurable one, which depends on the economic system, and as such can never be achieved by everyone (see UNDERSTANDING MONEY).  A system where "the only way to make money is to take it from others", where the most successful are the most skilled at taking money from others. The abundance that decides the heart (see The amazing labyrinth of abundance), on the other hand, is the abundance that emanates from our divine center, which depends entirely on oneself and on nothing external, nobody can take it away from you, nobody can harm it, it is unbreakable, divine... It is elusive and paradoxical, it grows when love grows, it grows when we REUNITE. It doesn't really grow with learning, with understanding. In the same way, no one can use it as a reason to justify people's poverty. No one can use it to judge.

I used to keep that deep pain, that impotence that it was not possible to dream of freedom for all... that now I feel being liberated.

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